Aligned Institute

Inspiring and supporting lifelong learning

The Guiding Teachers of the Aligned Institute educate and inspire our community—so that each of us can find our own path toward greater balance and growth.

We draw from the best thinking of a wide range of disciplines and traditions. Our Guiding Teachers are among the brightest in their fields—leaders from the worlds of finance, academia, culture, philosophy, and spirituality. They have come together to create an open, integrated curriculum that distills their years of experience and understanding into insights everyone can use.

The Institute offers workshops, classes, and special events at the Aligned Center, focusing on the four dimensions of wealth.

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The Aligned Institute is inspired by and grounded in:

  • The science of human development out of Harvard and other top universities
  • Integral philosophy from the works of leading philosophers, such as Ken Wilber
  • Non-dual wisdom traditions
  • Nobel Prize-winning investment research from the University of Chicago
  • Guiding Teachers who are leaders in their field

Boiled down to its essence, the Aligned Institute strives to embody best practices of truth, beauty and goodness.