Aligned MindBody

Enriching body, mind, and spirit

Practices to enhance our mindfulness, well-being, emotional and personal development—as well as our connection with each other.

Your Day Re-envisioned

Aligned MindBody elevates your mind, body, and spirit:

  • Enjoy morning and evening meditation in the Aligned Center
  • Participate in a morning “Wake-up Walk” or run along the water
  • Have a meaningful conversation with one of our MindBody Instructors
  • Join a group heading over to shoot baskets at the adjoining riverside court
  • Take out a kayak for an afternoon paddle out on the Hudson
  • Take a hot shower before heading back to work in our fully equipped locker room
  • Enjoy classes in yoga, stretching, breathing, and subtle body and energy practices
  • Stay for a fun sundown on the deck, connecting and breaking bread with other members and their families


The day only dawns to those who are awake.

— Henry David Thoreau

Why MindBody?

A multidimensional view of wealth means greater balance—but also encourages ways of living that are deeper, that are truly transformational.

Practices that bring about this type of growth harmonize one’s mind and body, in a living, moment-to-moment way.

Aligned Wealth is committed to providing an open platform for these practices, along with your own.

Health and exercise:

  • Stretching and easy yoga breathing
  • Walks and jogs

Heart practices:

  • Meditation
  • Community Lunches & Socials

Mentoring: The Aligned Wealth Mentor Program

Committed to the practice of mentorship, we offer a robust and focused program to educate and inspire mentors. We support and advise those looking for direction so they can succeed, grow and transform their lives.

  • Invitations to Mentor
  • Educational meetings on mentoring highlighting a self-discovery process we refer to as the “Heart’s Core” process
  • Weekly mentor meetings

We’ve created the perfect container for you and others to engage in this important form of growth. Contact us and be surprised by what’s possible.